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Art & Sole book by Intercity

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Design studio Intercity released Art & Sole on October 20th, a sneaker book they wrote and designed to celebrate “the creative side of the sneaker scene.” The emphasis is on artist/designer sneaker collabs and sneaker-inspired artwork, and it appears some NB’s made the cut! Check out some pix of the book and the launch party on their website,





Hanon interview

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Sneakerfreaker published this interview with Edward from Hanon about their latest NB collaboration, the “Flying Club” 670.

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Hanon have made it their mission to keep the local bam’s feet lookin’ tidy in the land of tartan and thistle. Perhaps best known for their killer New Balance colabs, the store has now racked up partnership #12 with this new Flying Club pack. Both shoes have a distinctive vintage flavor, but Hanon also added an intriguing new dimension to the sneakers with their choice of the amazing ‘Ventile’ fabric, as used by fighter pilots in WWII who appreciated the durability and warmth of this unique material. We caught up with Edward from Hanon to get the fly-by on this new pack set to drop early September…

Hey Edward, how is Hanon cooking?
Things are pretty good thanks. Just gearing up for the new season which is always exciting. It’s a bit like Christmas right now as new cartons are landing daily. We are also looking forward to some new additions this Fall, including Be+Positive from Italy and Unrivalled from Japan.

You have an extraordinary relationship with New Balance. How did it all begin?
We had been carrying NB for some time and became good friends with their rep who would travel to Aberdeen. He organised a visit to the factory a few years back just as NB were developing the archive collection. Collaborations then were first appearing in Japan so the timing was about right. We suggested the possibility of a joint project and it developed from there.

Do you think being from the UK you have a stronger affinity with New Balance than any other brand?
Possibly. New Balance has a solid following in the UK and from our perspective, being able to drive to the factory here was definitely a bonus from the outset. I think the collaborations would have been trickier to develop if we were working with a company based overseas. When we first visited, the production process was bit of an eye-opener. The shoes are still virtually handmade and their quality control is second to none, and yet they produce an amazing amount of footwear each week. During a guided tour of the factory, NB offered to make us a bespoke pair of 576. In less than an hour the shoes were complete. Choosing raw fabrics and colours and then receiving a finished box-fresh pair by the end of the meeting was awesome. You can imagine then, how easy it is to create a sample colourway.

Tell us about the new NB x Hanon x Ventile. There is quite a story to this release right?
It started really as a continuation of the 990 Schoeller release where we had applied an outsourced technical fabric. This seemed like a natural progression for a collaboration shoe, which we were keen to revisit. We knew of Ventile being this 100% cotton performance material and that it had a military association. It wasn’t until we started reading into the history of the company that the Flying Club idea was considered and it seemed like a perfect application for a vintage running shoe.

Why did you decide on two shoes? We saw this with Sneakersnstuff as well… Is it because NB have a quota on numbers, or did you want to depict two sides to this story?
We did consider two pairs from the start. In some respects I feel the Flying Club is similar to the Northern Sole series we released a couple of years back. For that particular project, four styles were created and to convey the concept with regards to imagery and colourways it seemed to work as a pack. I don’t think it would have had the same impact if it were one model only. NB have a quota regarding quantity but this has more to do with size breaks and production, but the size runs are still really tight. One model could have been produced. It just seemed to make sense as two.

Can you go more into depth on some of the materials and features of the Tornado and Spitfire and how each shoe differs?
Both models have exactly the same application, just the colourways set them apart. New Balance source premium materials and aside from the addition of Ventile, the shoes are constructed with a mix of European bovine suede and US full grain leather. The uppers differ to the inline 670 as the tongue replicates the flat bound mesh styles from the earlier New Balance of the ’80s. Cotton laces, an unbranded back tab and the original material used for the collar lining were also added to give the shoe an archive feel.

Hanon has released some top-notch colabs with New Balance in the past. How many individual releases are you at now?
We released the first two styles, the red and blue with the gold N, and then there was the unofficial green which we sampled at the time. That model ‘sort of’ turned out to be a secret colourway. A 990 and 576 followed and then the Northern Sole release which was a pack of four. Prior to the Flying Club was the 990 Schoeller model. In total there are 12 styles, including the green 576GWY. The response to all has been great. I think my personal favourite however, would be the Chosen Few 576 from the Northern Sole collection and the 990 project with Schoeller.

Is New Balance killing it in Europe? In Australia the brand is making massive strides with the Provider 1500 that dropped earlier this year, but it seems to have really captured the hearts of European heads more so. Is it still going strong?
I think NB is still going really strong. They have a good following and they make top class footwear. The introduction of some of their old school court models has been a great addition in recent seasons as my perception of NB had always been that classic running shoe. To have the big N on a nice clean white tennis style looks pretty cool.

Having been exposed to collaborations for a long minute, do you think that it is now losing some of its magic? Has the lustre died down?
I think if the collaboration is well thought out and the colourway and application is good it’s still an exciting prospect. It’s always going to be difficult to capture the same magic, as back then it had never really been done before. For such a long time it was difficult to get hold of good footwear and you really had to dig deep to source anything. Right now there are so many fantastic back catalogue styles being re-issued. If you are into footwear, then times are good.

When can we expect the Flying Club Pack to drop?
The Flying Club drops on the Saturday September 6th 2008. Both styles will be available at Hanon in the UK, Sneakersnstuff Sweden and Someday in Australia.

Thanks Edward!

Via Sneaker Freaker

991 LUX and 576 KLL & BLL preorders at hanon

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

Some nice pre-orders are on sale now at

M991 LUX
– Plush leather upper
– Vented toebox
– Limited numbers
– price – £84.95

M991 LUX

nbfi1bk60-01.jpg nbfp5bk.jpg nbfi1bk20-01.jpg

nbfi1bk40-01.jpg nbfi1bk30-01.jpg nbfi1bk50-01.jpg

M576 KLL (Black) & BLL (Brown) 80’s
– Leather upper
– Suede saddle
– Vintage Sole unit
– Gum sole
– Made in the UK
– price – £79.95

M576 KLL (Black) 80’s

nbfi2bk60-01.jpg image.jpeg nbfi2bk-01.jpg

nbfi2bk20-01.jpg nbfi2bk30-01.jpg nbfi2bk50-01.jpg

M576 BLL (Brown) 80’s

nbfi2bn60-01.jpg image-1.jpeg nbfi2bn-01.jpg

nbfi2bn20-01.jpg nbfi2bn30-01.jpg nbfi2bn50-01.jpg

hanon Flying Club – NB 670 x hanon x Ventile

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008


Hanon Shop over in Aberdeen, Scotland has collaborated with Ventile and New Balance to produce the Flying Club M670. Scheduled for the end of August 2008, production will be limited to 150 pair of each color: “Tornado” grey (M670GKY) and “Spitfire” red (M670BRY). Retail price is GBP 74.95

hanon Flying Club – NB M670GKY – Tornado

hanon Flying Club – NB M670BRY – Spitfire

Once again Hanon has done a great job of applying rare luxury and technical materials to a customized upper with classic style and old school details.

Features include:
– classic single-piece “N” in a 70’s/80’s style (gold/yellow as to be expected from hanon!)
– superior Wolverine leathers
– sueded pigskins
– vintage bound & unbagged mesh tongue
– Ventile smart fabric application
– 100% cotton old school laces
– aged EVA midsole unit
– custom propeller plane tongue label
– original polyurethane collar lining

Ventile is a British-made, densely-woven, 100% cotton, all-weather, breathable fabric. It was made popular in WWII by its application to flying suits worn by pilots who were required to bail into the ocean. Ventile is still used by tornado pilots with the RAF and NATO, as well as by Antarctic explorers and climbers of Mt. Everest.

hanon Flying Club – NB M670GKY – Tornado

hanon Flying Club – NB M670BRY – Spitfire

the-flying-club_2.jpg the-flying-club_3.jpg the-flying-club_4.jpg

the-flying-club_5.jpg the-flying-club_6.jpg the-flying-club_7.jpg

hanon Flying Club – NB M670GKY – Tornado

hanon Flying Club – NB M670BRY – Spitfire

Solebox drops a new 670

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

The M670UKRB has hit the shelves at Solebox. This Made in England classic has a suede heel and toe, smooth leather midfoot and patent leather at the top. Red inserts pull it all together. Impressive? Maybe, but not the strongest showing.

670ukrb top

photos via SlamHype via Solebox

NB 1500 x La MJC x Colette

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007


Established in 2001, Parisian communications agency and all-around urban trend setter, La MJC is celebrating its 6th birthday this summer. To mark the occasion, it is releasing another New Balance 1500 with Colette. This one is made in the UK and limited to 190 pairs worldwide. Release date is July 7th exclusively at the Colette shop in Paris and online at Sold Out.


Notable is the heavy use of “black carbon” material from the Flimby UK factory, matched with the gray suede that is the hallmark of NB running sneakers. For the first time the 1500 will feature an all-fuchsia sole to match one of the dominant colors on Included in the package are both black and fuchsia laces. The lining and inner sole are made of black leather for added comfort and style.



NB 576 x Foot Patrol video

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Check out this excellent stop-animation video made by Pete Hellicar to promote the forthcoming NB 576 x Foot Patrol collaboration (previously). Amazing stuff!!


NB 576 x Foot Patrol

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Almost forgot to post this 576 that matches the made-in-UK Gimme 5 collab with the velcro N we saw previously. This time London’s Foot Patrol sneaker boutique is on the buttons. The preview shows a reddish-brown upper with brightly colored, removable, velcro Ns in blue, orange and yellow.

Each shoe also comes with a leather tag bearing the logo of the shop that collaborated with New Balance, in this case a Foot Patrol gas mask.

No word on release dates yet.


Via HB. Thanks Xymon for the heads up.

NB 576 x Gimme 5

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Gimme 5 has collaborated with New Balance on a limited edition, UK-made 576. The shoe upper itself is all-black but it comes with three brightly-colored, interchangeable, velcro ‘N’ logos in black on yellow, pink on gray, and green on purple. These colors are also used in multicolor embroidery on the tongue. No release information for this yet so stay tuned!


Via SlamXHype

Hanon New Balance giveaway

Friday, June 8th, 2007

June is definitely the time to be shopping New Balance at Hanon Shop as you stand to win one of four hefty prize packages. The stakes are high with the grand prize weighing in at a value of USD $1000! Lots of rare bits are included in the prize packs such as ST33 Fish shoes, NB branded accessories, a pair of Hanon’s M576BWY blue/white/gold from a few years back, the Centenary book that shipped with the deluxe 100th year combo packs, even a Centenary china plate and a 576 floor rug (pictured below).

Also worth mentioning is Hanon’s clearance sale from Friday June 15th – Monday 18th 2007 with warehouse deadstock priced at wholesale, and New Balance is included in the list of sale brands. Don’t sleep, Hanon has some amazing custom models still available in assorted sizes.


More info on the giveaway…

“Place an order throughout the month of June and you will be automatically entered into a hanon X New Balance BIG PRIZE give away! We have 4 prizes on offer as featured below. All entries will be dropped into a hat and the winning names will be announced in July.

1st Prize: Approximate value 500GBP
New Balance hardback Centenary Book (This book cannot be purchased and produced only as an New Balance inhouse item)
Super Team 33 Neonfish US 9.5
Super Team 33 Butterflyfish US 9.5
Super Team 33 Clownfish US 9.5
New Balance Centenary Clock
Super team 33 T-shirt Size M or L
NB phone pouch
NB phone cleaner
Centenary Playmobil set

2nd Prize: Approximate Value 200GBP
New Balance hardback Centenary Book
hanon M576BWY 1st edition US 9.5
New Balance Centenary Clock
Super Team 33 T-Shirt Size M or L
NB Phone Cleaner
Centenary Playmobil Set

3rd Prize: Approximate Value 100GBP
New Balance M576 floor rug
New Balance Centenary Clock
Super Team 33 silk screened T-Shirt Size M or L
NB Phone Cleaner

4th Prize: Runner up packs.
A selective mix consisting of
Centenary poster
NB Phone Cleaner
Centenary china plate

Prize 1 – 3 are individual prizes only. The 4th prize will go out to as many packs as we can muster.

More pics to follow…

Good luck!”

Via Hanon