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realmadHECTIC x Mita x NB MT580 13th Edition

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Coming up for a release on August 30th is the latest installment of the Japanese MT580 collaboration between New Balance, Mita Sneakers and realmadHECTIC.

The lucky 13th edition features two colorways — RGG (Green) and BLE (Brown) — both with velvety purple lining, crackled midsoles, what looks like a ripstop toebox, and two pairs of laces (white & purple for the BLE, white & turquoise for the RGG). Available sizes are 26-29cm in half sizes plus 30cm.

Cop them here at Mita for JPY ¥17,640 each. Looks like preorders are being taken prior to the full release on 8/30. There is also a mention on the Hectic site with a preorder email address here.




MT580 RGG Green




MT580 BLE Brown




Thanks douma for the reminder!

480 City Series – New York and Tokyo

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

New York and Tokyo residents can now represent with the new NB 480 “City Series.” These are said to be a Tier 1 August release. No word yet on whether more cities will be introduced in the series.

480 City Series – New York – khaki


480 City Series – Tokyo – red


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W410J GY, NP, SY Womens Japanese 410

Thursday, July 5th, 2007



Here’s some Japanese NB heat for the women. These satin/suede 410s are out now at NB Japan although you’ll probably need a hookup to get them shipped outside of Asia.

The silk material printed with a bamboo grass leaf motif makes these stand out a bit from the regular unisex 410.

W410J GY

W410J NP


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M990EX BK Black Limited Edition

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Out now at Mita is a limited edition black/purple 990. This was previewed about three months ago and said to be a tribute to Japanese console games.

Note the black patent leather, perforated purple suede and embroidered logo on the heel. The new pics show white instead of multicolor laces, a welcome change considering how busy the colors are elsewhere.

In the technology department the shoe features a 3/4-length ABZORB EX sole (hence “990EX”) for shock absorption. ABZORB EX is the combination of NB’s premium ABZORB foam material and an outside air bubble.

These will set you back approx USD $120.





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Atmos 576 Fujin

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

New Balance just celebrated their 100th year as a company however their next anniversary is just around the corner. The 576 is turning 20 in 2008 and Atmos arrives early to the party with their Fujin model, named after the Shinto god of wind.

Fujin “is portrayed as a terrifying dark demon wearing a leopard skin” (1) hence the black color and leopard pattern on the heel. The tongue and insole depict Fujin himself, complete with billowing wind bag.

A nice mix of the traditional and contemporary, this one is due for a Japanese release in September.


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574 Flag for 2007 American Football World Cup – Japan drop

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

The American Football World Cup 574s in the style of the Japanese (M574MAF J), Swedish (M574MAF S) and American (M574MAF U) flags are now available at Japanese shops such as the Flauge store at ZOZOTOWN and Shoe Planet. Here are some nicer pics than we saw previously.

Details include embroidered sakura (cherry blossoms) on the tongue of the Japanese model and touches of patent leather.

The trio is reportedly scheduled for a domestic US release on July 4th for USD $65.

M574MAF S & J













G-Flash by G-Shock x KIKS TYO x New Balance – the watches

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Here are the two G-Shock watches that match the forthcoming KIKS TYO x G-Shock x New Balance collab (previously on NBB).


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New 710s

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

SNKR FRKR has posted a couple snaps of some new H710 colorways, this being the classic hiking / mountaineering model from New Balance. We saw the first one in the 2007-2008 preview last month. My guess is they are both Japanese models.. anyone?



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Shake! 320 Night one-off 574s and 320s

Friday, June 15th, 2007

I think this is the final and best batch of photos from NB’s recent Shake! 320 night in Tokyo. Here we have detailed views of the 574 and 320 one-offs produced for the design competition.

I’d say after seeing all the photos my favorites are definitely both of the Grey One x Dez models for keeping a tasteful and retro feel yet with some updated graphic design and graf influences. I would buy these in a heartbeat. But the others are very close behind. Large respect reaching out to the designers and to those who facilitated the event. Here’s hoping NB takes some to production.

Shake! 320 Night one-off 574s

Shake! 320 Night one-off 320s

Grey One x Dez Einswell x NB 574

Grey One x Dez Einswell x NB 320

Crooked Tongues x NB 574

Crooked Tongues x NB 320

Dave’s Quality Meat x NB 574

Dave’s Quality Meat x NB 320

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Crooked Tongues x NB 320, 574

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Crooked Tongues took part in the recent New Balance Shake! 320 night in Tokyo, collaborating on a one-off 320 and 574 for the occasion. It’s a shame these will never be released but here is their in-depth coverage of the experience…


“Lately the shelves have been crammed with some of the most garish shifts from New Balance’s once sober colour palette we’ve ever seen, with neon and fish scales aplenty. [Ed. – NBB does not condone fish-bashing! ;)] With this in mind, when we received the brief from hobby:tech and crew at KIKS TYO to go head to head with the Grey One and DQM teams on special one-off NBs, we accepted the challenge. No strangers to designing product to limited time limits, once we got the CADs of the shoes in question we were a little surprised – a 574 wouldn’t be too much trouble, but a 320? It’s definitely a classic – the forked toe panel and low profile design was a marathon-winning revolutionary product in the mid-70’s, and a shoe that connoisseurs like the Oi Polloi boys treat with reverence, yet it’s impossible to beat the dual-colour delight’s of the shoe’s heyday. But, seeing as the shoe was being celebrated in Japan with some tasty in-store displays at NB’s Tokyo store, it had to be part of this double act.”


“Naturally the duo had to have an underlying theme, and with a lot of love in the office for the simplicity of the palette that a shoe like the 850 carried. Simple, eye-catching and effective, rather than jogging breathlessly alongside hyperstrikes, coated in garish leathers in an effort to keep up. were the order of the day. The notion of shoe makeups that looked like performance releases of specific eras rather than the usual limited edition lifestyle fodder was optioned in original discussions regarding last year’s CT/NB quartet, but here, it made perfect sense. Alas, NBXCT embroidery toward the forefoot never made production due to issues regarding such blatant dual branding, but on seeing the final 320, designed in order that keeping the white toward the front would give them a cleaner look when teamed with jeans, and a Prestoesque appearance, we were glad that the omission was made.”


“In the flesh, we were shocked by how nicely our creations turned out. Serious attention to detail and faithfulness to our designs from the guys in the NB lab ensured beautiful leathers, some offbeat touches that still worked like the metallic heel panel on the 574s, and even the toebox fabric looked exactly as specified. The Crooked Tongues ‘classic colours’ lettering was faithfully reproduced on the footbeds and hangtags, to try to bring a little of the CT obsessiveness to take out our US ‘rivals’ but whereas the battle between NB’s regional releases has been fought online, in line with the brilliant unpredictability of Japan, we had to lyrically duke it out by drumming up support onstage in front of a crowded nightclub. Time will tell as to who’s the eventual winner, but sadly, regardless of the outcome, these two creations won’t be getting a release. But we’ll always have the memories. Well, the ones that the local brew and severe jet-lag didn’t erode. Thanks to all at KIKS TYO, Hiroki at Passover and New Balance Japan/UK for the opportunity…”

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