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Art & Sole book by Intercity

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Design studio Intercity released Art & Sole on October 20th, a sneaker book they wrote and designed to celebrate “the creative side of the sneaker scene.” The emphasis is on artist/designer sneaker collabs and sneaker-inspired artwork, and it appears some NB’s made the cut! Check out some pix of the book and the launch party on their website,





574 AVENJ Sean D’Anconia – more pics

Friday, May 25th, 2007

We’ve obtained some more pics of the Sean D’Anconia 574 posted yesterday. Check out the incredible details on these. The Afro is actually made of flocked fabric! Click the pics to enlarge…

M574ETD AVENJ Sean D’Anconia


Via DN

574 AVENJ Sean D’Anconia

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Update — more pics here.

Xymon again with more details on the New Balance AVENJ artist series 574 (previously).

Much like the previous artist editions by Josh Wisdumb and Eric Haze, this time NB presents Sean D’Anconia of Her Majesty’s Secret studios.


The shoe pays homage to 70’s grindhouse cinema using a collage of the icons of the era: streets of Harlem to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, from Yakuza to KungFu. Check out the detailing in the closeups below.




Trivia: Sean regularly slips references to Atlas Shrugged in his artwork…have a good close look if you get your hands on this 🙂

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