SNEAKERSNSTUFF over in Șdermalm, Sweden has launched their third release of 577s, handmade at the NB Flimby factory in the UK. There are two models in the release, M577SNE (Erik РMidnight Navy/Purple/Turqoise/Green/White) and M577SNP (Peter РBlack/White/3M).

Each model is limited to 150 pairs, available in half sizes from US 8.5-12 and currently on sale for US $140 (regular price US $175). This release is only available directly from SNS.

“This time is kind of different since NB finally agreed to put our SNS logo on the shoes. We were also able to make smaller quantities of the sole units and got the chance to make them more unique.” Congrats to SNS on another fantastic pair of 577s!

M577SNE – Erik – Midnight Navy/Purple/Turqoise/Green/White

M577SNP – Peter – Black/White/3M

10 Responses to “NB 577 SNEAKERSNSTUFF Round 3”

  1. Bart says:

    The website doesn’t say anything about these items being on SALE.

  2. DJ M says:

    When you log in and view one of the items, the price says
    Price: $169.08
    Our price: $135.23

  3. Bart says:

    I don’t get it, where do I have to log in to get them for your price?

  4. bart says:

    Sent: 2008-09-05 22:22

    On the NB blog: http://www.newbalance-blog.com/ is stated that the SNSxNB is currently available for US 140,- (€ 100) instead of US 175 (€ 120). Is this for real?

    2008-09-06 14:58
    Hi Bart!

    No it”s not. Our 577”s are only available on sneakersnstuff.com and the price you see there is the correct one.

    Best regards


  5. DJ M says:

    Dunno what to tell you Bart, I don’t know why I’d see a different price than you. Maybe it’s a VAT thing–are you in the USA and browsing the site in English/USD? Anyway here’s a screen grab of my browser:


  6. bart says:

    hmmm, very strange. I live in the EU, so it could be a VAT issue indeed. Thanks for the help DJ M, I really apreciate it

  7. Gary Noble says:

    eh??? its coming up 171 dollers for me and im regestered with SNS 🙁

  8. Cutter says:

    Just nabbed a pair of the erik 577. As expected, they are dope nasty. Lucky for me I discovered an early 90s sweater of mine has the exact same purple and turquoise. The black ones seem completely pointless to me. Then again, I’m not into black shoes. I think they just look like work shoes….. boring

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