MT580 American Fall 2009 roundup

Here are all three Fall 2009 colorways of the MT580s that are starting to pop up stateside.




“With the exception of 3 new colors combinations offer, purple/black, black/black, and yellow/gray, the New Balance MT580 still retains much of its technical features which both runners and urbanites love. A mid-sole composed from ENCAP polyurethane technology intermixed with the C-CAP EVA material. Both provide a lasting yet lightweight foundation. The ROLLBAR, made of graphite, further give the MT580J added lateral support. The uppers still retain the same breathable nylon mesh interlaced with panes of leather. Look for official release information soon.”

Via Freshness

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  1. Philfart says:

    The black and white ones look tuff. Hopefully there will be white ones and perhaps some other crazy colorways. I’ve heard that the CYMK 580 pack will also be domestic.. so I heard.

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