MT580 Coming to America August 15th 2008

Update — Thanks to Taylor @ New Balance who clarified the release date for us: “Foot Locker and Footaction got the MT580’s early, other retailers will have them in November.”


Just saw this NB magazine ad (in Complex) announcing the MT580 will be making its American debut on 8/15/2008 at select Footaction locations (update — with a wide release at other retailers in November) The ad drops a little knowledge about the history of the model and illustrate all its key features. And Complex gives it 4 out of 5 stars, not too shabby.

“Originally produced as a trail running sneaker in the 90s, the MT580 range of footwear began as a special partnership between New Balance Japan and iconic Japanese footwear chain MITA Sneakers (which is where the “MT” prefix of the model number comes from). It was further divided into general lines and further collaborations involving several popular clothing lines. The timeless design, eye-catching colorways and sturdy construction built a cult-like following and eventually spawned such contemporary classics as the MT580 “Mad Stussy” shoes that are part of the clothing collaborations, namely between Japanese clothing label “Real Mad Hectic”, fashion label Stussy and Japanese retailer UNDFTD.”


The MT580BP (black/purple) is listed on the NB Classics site here (with a 360° viewer), although it’s not yet on sale at their web shop, And good news for us big fat Americans with our big fat feet, the MT580 will be made in a full range of sizes, US 7-15, which has not been the case for the Japanese releases.




7 Responses to “MT580 Coming to America August 15th 2008”

  1. Phil says:

    I just got 2 of the luggage series and the magenta Undefeated as well.

    The 580’s are beautiful!

  2. jeff says:

    In the ad in complex they show another color with green lining…why is that not available?

  3. JAYMATIK says:

    I contacted New Balance about these MT580s and they’re not suppose to release until November. That makes sense considering I went to FA on August 15 hoping to get both pairs as Complex stated they’ll be out August 15 at Foot Action as an exclusive. None of the store had any idea what the hell I was talking about. If and when these shoes comes out, I’m definitely getting both pairs!

  4. DJ M says:

    @JAYMATIK sorry to pass along misinfo! Maybe they pushed back the date after the ad went to press.

    But I saw one person commenting on Nicekicks that they saw the grey/green in Footaction yesterday, so who knows.

    Regarding the colorways, the grey/green/brown and a black/white are said to be part of the Fall 2009 USA release along with the grey/purple/black. See Freshness from back in June — missed that one!

  5. OMCFLY says:

    I contacted New Balance to about the MT580 and the person toll me they’re not suppose to release until November. I went to Foot Action on 34TH street in nyc on August 15 and yes both pairs was release that day Complex stated they’ll be out August 15 at Foot Action as an got the all grey. best kickz new balance drop

  6. taylor duffy says:

    Foot Locker and Footaction got the MT580’s early, other retailers will have them in November.

    The Footaction on 34th and 7th should be carrying both colors though. The other option in NY is the Footaction in the Galleria White Plains.

  7. DJ M says:

    Taylor, thanks for the info! Post updated.

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