NB Holiday Sales

If you’re like me by the time the holidays actually come around you’re pretty shopped-out, but it looks like the end-of-year sales have begun.

Check out the discounted NB selection at Size? UK with 50-60% off some models including the Red Devil 670, Brown/Purple UK 990, Trail Busters, Japanimation 990, and a couple camo-inside-print UK 1500s. Limited sizing so act quickly.

Also I’ve noticed District Footwear here in the Bay Area always has a few recent NB models on sale, usually 50% off remaining sizes so that’s one to keep an eye on.

Peace and Happy Holidaze!

3 Responses to “NB Holiday Sales”

  1. iBUG says:

    HOW can find NB’s wallpaper?

  2. Nicki says:

    you can find NBs wallpaper on the website from Mita sneakers in Japan.

  3. roland says:

    can someone please bring this blog back to life? i used to check it all the time and there is heaps of NB heat coming at the moment / about to come out. thanks.

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