Earth, Water, and Fire

The fourth and latest edition of NB’s Super Team 33 (ST33) collection, available in three exclusive designs, this time by the Asia Pacific Team.  The 1400 model serves as the base model again, this time for a theme inspired by the natural elements – wood and Earth, Water, Metal and Fire.The design team did a great job capturing the essence of the specific elements with each design.  “Fire and Metal” features a metallic design on the red and black uppers.  The “Wood and Earth” style has a tree on the instep and wood-like pebbled-leather upper.  “Water” features a patent toe and a gum sole with visual water bubbles.  All in all another solid release from NB.  These hit stores October 20th and should retail for $200.



Fire and Metal


Wood and Earth



Pics via: Cool Hunting

9 Responses to “Earth, Water, and Fire”

  1. Tommy Ramirez says:

    As the proud owner of 57 pair of NB’s let me be the first to say that this is by far the most legit ST33 series thus far…..particularly the WATER model

  2. xymon says:

    i’m leaning towards the Water and Fire/Metal

  3. William says:

    The water one is cool as anything. Just picked it up. Was originally going for the metal one, but the silver finish dosn’t look dope in real life I thought. The wood pair are fresh also.

  4. jaxballer says:

    I like the water one, but the fishes theme are the coolest ST33 !!!

  5. jaxballer says:

    Sorry to say but the Wood and Earth looks pretty UGLY to me ! too bad for ST33 series… the Fire are okay but not really that nice, just like a regular NB shoes…

  6. Cedric Miller says:

    ST = Shit Twats.
    More crap from the idiots that are ruining NB.

  7. William says:

    your view ain’t law. according to other people around the net.

  8. Douglass says:

    anybody know what the color code is for the water edition??? I was hoping to order the shoe but cant figure out the code for it, it would be greatly appreciated.

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