AO9 Hemp

These AO9 release on the last day of December ’07. The white version was previewed earlier on NBB. These particular A09’s sport the one piece construction and have hemp uppers, which you can see in the pic and some sweet detailing.

A09bk hemp

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  1. hellmachine says:

    these look great. maybe even vegetarian? are they made in england or usa?

  2. John says:

    no leather in the shoe at all but its not vegan because of the glue used in the soles.

  3. Thomas says:

    New Balance states that they may or may not use animal products in their glue depending on what’s available. With that said vegan shoe sites still sell NB stuff.

  4. ken says:

    Normally shoes made in US by NB do not have animal products in the glue, but shoes made outside the states do – these are not made in the states?

  5. Aaron says:

    about in 2000, I bought a pair of compeltely vegan maroon 574’s, they were my prize possesion, but haven’t been able to find any non-leather New balance retro shoes. Does anyone have any ideas?

  6. John says:

    Ken – these are NOT made in the states but they are probably the closest to a vegan classic I know of, any one else?

  7. Thomas says:

    From New Balance:

    Thank you for contacting New Balance Consumer Support! The hemp shoe that A09BK is all hemp upper and contains no leather. We can not comment on the glue in the shoe however because we do outsource our glues so it may contain animal products.

  8. ace says:

    not vegan enough? unless you’re eating them… haha… i think you guys are crazy picky over vegan shoes.

    at least they’re not made in sweatshops by little kids, and they aren’t made of all sorts of leather and suede and shit. why get so wound up over glue? i get that there’s a principle, but if you want to make a difference and make the world a better place, then let’s be realistic… this is as close as most things in life will get to vegan, don’t gripe.

    never mind the fact that the profits made on this shoe contribute to the production of more new balances, many of which are not vegan, even a little.

    that all being said, i have a lot of respect for people that want to do good things, but not for people who just need to find an identity by labeling themselves. and i love new balances and lots of other shoes. but consider how ridiculous you sound picking apart the glue on the sole before you actually write it next time. pretty petty when it hardly matters in the big picture, eh?

  9. chrooe says:

    not like i am the only one that has many vegan friends who i trust and admire, but even they don’t sound this silly over the glue in the sole of their “vegan” shoes.

    some people really take it to the extreme, but let’s not get lost in the shoes how about that?

    they are a beautiful piece, about to drop in a few days…i sincerely hope some glue won’t hold anybody back from stylin’! let’s all get some tofurkey and throw on a pair of A09’s in the ’08!!!

  10. Thomas says:

    For some people the glue is a big deal. For me I’ll buy them even though I don’t know where the glue came from. I’m not trying to “make a difference”. I just don’t want to use animal products, that’s all. And yes these shoes are probably made in a sweatshop in China.

  11. Diamond Bezziice says:

    Where can I find the Japanese 576s – Black, Green, Yellow?

  12. meghann says:

    where oh where can one purchase a pair of these snazzy as hell hemp new balance????

  13. politics says:

    Politics has them call for orders. 337.993.3709

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