320 US Release

Due to hit stores mid February, NB releases a tier 1, 320 in the states. These have been out in Japan and Europe but now will be easily accessed by stateside lovers of the classic. Both shoes will feature a combination suede and mesh upper, they are pretty tame considering the more recent colorways and colabs. In 1976 the 320 was Runners World Magazine #1 running shoe, followed by the Brooks Villanova and the NB 305.



6 Responses to “320 US Release”

  1. Skinner says:

    Lovely ~ Do check out the CM320 red/white colorway!

  2. sweetheart says:

    these are pretty slick..

  3. Thomas says:

    I’ve seen them in blue in thailand, but they dont carry a US 13 🙁

  4. Jay says:

    Where can I buy the cm320gb in the states?

  5. used to love a NB says:

    yeah, where in the states? And why tier 1? these are cheap quality like a pair of 574s.

  6. Li says:

    I am in Auckland, New Zealand, I jst bought a pair of 320 in white, in rebel sports shops nationwide, cost me only NZD$40.(around $30 usd ?).. amazing…. i bought another pair of rc420 as well, same pricing…..

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