1400 ST33 Fanzine Collection drops today

As covered previously the new NB 1400 “Fanzine” collection by Super Team 33 officially drops today. The select 33 retailers include Shoe Biz (US), Sportie LA (US), Sold Out (France), Hanon Shop (UK), Limited Edt (Singapore).

NB M1400 Super Team 33 Fanzine Collection

6 Responses to “1400 ST33 Fanzine Collection drops today”

  1. Jus Wan says:

    Ooh….Gonna be at least $200 they aye? Dayumn.

  2. john says:

    dont love these as much as the first set of super teams but they are still pretty sexy shoes

  3. trent says:

    best st’s yet. i have already ordered mine over the net. cant wait till they arrive.

  4. Jaxballer says:

    Just bought the orange one, I think those are the best colorway out of three, the next one should be the white as the blue is kinda dark and dull

  5. Jaxballer says:

    I have also the previous ST33 fish edition, the yellow and neon colorways, both are nice BUT this new one is better. I dont get the Stingray as I do not like it at all !

  6. MAJOR says:

    MAJOR in Washington DC is now a part of ST33 program, and we have received a limited supply of Blue and Red Fanzine Collection, as well as Fishscale in limited sizes.

    For more information, go to http://news.majordc.com and click on New Balance, or call 202 625 6732.

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