NB 1500 x La MJC x Colette


Established in 2001, Parisian communications agency and all-around urban trend setter, La MJC is celebrating its 6th birthday this summer. To mark the occasion, it is releasing another New Balance 1500 with Colette. This one is made in the UK and limited to 190 pairs worldwide. Release date is July 7th exclusively at the Colette shop in Paris and online at Sold Out.


Notable is the heavy use of “black carbon” material from the Flimby UK factory, matched with the gray suede that is the hallmark of NB running sneakers. For the first time the 1500 will feature an all-fuchsia sole to match one of the dominant colors on lamjc.com. Included in the package are both black and fuchsia laces. The lining and inner sole are made of black leather for added comfort and style.



3 Responses to “NB 1500 x La MJC x Colette”

  1. SlimFost says:

    Damn, I was online at 10.30.
    They sold more than 80 pairs in 20 minutes !!!!! Those guys rules.

  2. Alex says:

    I got myself a pair ! good shoes..

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