NB 576 x Foot Patrol

Almost forgot to post this 576 that matches the made-in-UK Gimme 5 collab with the velcro N we saw previously. This time London’s Foot Patrol sneaker boutique is on the buttons. The preview shows a reddish-brown upper with brightly colored, removable, velcro Ns in blue, orange and yellow.

Each shoe also comes with a leather tag bearing the logo of the shop that collaborated with New Balance, in this case a Foot Patrol gas mask.

No word on release dates yet.


Via HB. Thanks Xymon for the heads up.

2 Responses to “NB 576 x Foot Patrol”

  1. Perttu says:

    Switching the N to the gas mask looks ill. Gives a whole another, sleeker look to the shoe.

  2. xymon says:

    the footpatrol patch is also a hangtag, available for both colorways

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