Shake! 320 Night one-off 574s and 320s

I think this is the final and best batch of photos from NB’s recent Shake! 320 night in Tokyo. Here we have detailed views of the 574 and 320 one-offs produced for the design competition.

I’d say after seeing all the photos my favorites are definitely both of the Grey One x Dez models for keeping a tasteful and retro feel yet with some updated graphic design and graf influences. I would buy these in a heartbeat. But the others are very close behind. Large respect reaching out to the designers and to those who facilitated the event. Here’s hoping NB takes some to production.

Shake! 320 Night one-off 574s

Shake! 320 Night one-off 320s

Grey One x Dez Einswell x NB 574

Grey One x Dez Einswell x NB 320

Crooked Tongues x NB 574

Crooked Tongues x NB 320

Dave’s Quality Meat x NB 574

Dave’s Quality Meat x NB 320

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5 Responses to “Shake! 320 Night one-off 574s and 320s”

  1. dade says:

    I long for the day the when we will all be able to order custom NB’s. We all want a piece of the action when it comes to design so why doesn’t New Balance have a custom design setup like Nike id, Puma BBQ, Vans, Reebok, or Converse? New Balance are set up with divisions worldwide and us ordinary folk still can’t get anything custom? I think us New Balance freaks deserve for this to happen instead of shelling out $200-$300 for a design that someone else came up with. Many of us are just as dedicated to our collections and we contribute major dollars and attention to these companies for their sometimes less than stellar design collaborations…why can’t we have the same chance as the “big shots”? I’m sure someone out there feels me. Anyone??

  2. Perttu says:

    ^ Word to that.

    A lot of dope posts in this blog over the weekend, so let me just say a collective “big up” to all of them. Keep posting!

    I love the Crooked Tongues x NB 574. The colorway is minty fresh.

  3. DJ M says:

    Word up Dade. There are plenty of NB releases that I like but the option to do a custom that’s produced at the factory definitely has its appeal. I’m guessing the numbers just don’t crunch. Why invest in a brand new customization system for a tiny niche market when you have a 1.5 billion dollar running shoe business? Plus I think it remains to be seen whether the average person has any interest in it, esp at a premium cost.

    The major drawback of course is that if they turn out hurting, you’ve no one to blame but yourself 😉

    Did you ever see this mock 574 customizer? You can’t buy your design, and I think you have to screen-cap to save the image, but it’s perhaps better than nothing.

    Perttu, thanks for the kind words 🙂

    CT definitely killed it but I’m all about those Grey1 x Dez 574s.. the blue-blacks with white stitching… WANT!

  4. new balance // makes you work faster…

    Greg sent me this link to an article about new balance manufacturing shoes in china. – Based on my silence you might guess that I didn’t buy any sneakers lately (plus, that their latest styles simply don’t look very appealing – and – that I’m busy …

  5. I think Nike’s are going to the retro look now for the more casual crowd. Their athletic line is ugly, but I like the retro looking ones.

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