Pics from Steething x Sole Obsession swapmeet in Kuala Lampur

Skinner posted some nice snapshots from the Streething x Sole Obsession “Swap & Gawp” free event, Saturday June 9 in Kuala Lumpur (previously on NBB).

Let’s see what we can spot.. M576RCGB 3M Tier 1 reflective grey.. M576TNRY Concepts and M576SPLA Sportie LA.. some Hanon x NBs.. 574 Conbini Pack.. samples of DN’s 2008 reflective Asia-made 576s.. MT580 Mita x RMH.. Super Team 33.. a whole host of other stuff. Anyone know what those 3 black 576/574s in a row are?

001.jpg 002.jpg





3 Responses to “Pics from Steething x Sole Obsession swapmeet in Kuala Lampur”

  1. Perttu says:

    Dope dope dope dope dope.

  2. xymon says:

    3 black in a row? you mean the Microzine stingrays?

  3. DJ M says:

    Aha that’s the one — the Stingray III on the right. Nice!

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