2008 Asia-made 576 Samples

Here are some pics from Sole Obsession of Asia-made 576’s due to drop in early 2008. These feature reflective 3M material all over the toe area and “N”, plus suede on the middle and back panels. I’m feeling these, the purples remind me of the La MJC x Colette 1500s!

For anyone within reach of Malaysia, you can check these out in person at the Streething x Sole Obsession “Swap & Gawp” free event, this Saturday June 9 in Kuala Lumpur.

Edit: Added a pic taken with a flash to show how reflective these are. Thanks DN.







Via SlamXHype

6 Responses to “2008 Asia-made 576 Samples”

  1. john says:

    just ordered all three for the release – can’t really tell from the pics but the entire toe area is really reflective. The suede is really nice – brown and pink??

  2. dade says:

    Will these be hitting the US? I’m in need.

  3. DJ M says:

    Dade, yeah I’m assuming so if John is ordering them (he is at NB Tampa). Peace

  4. DJ M says:

    Just added another photo to illustrate how reflective the 3M is.

  5. dade says:

    Thanks man, I didn’t even notice the link to the Tampa site.

  6. Skinner says:

    yep saw the sample during the streething swapmeet x sole obsession! i will definitely not miss it! and the ‘Conbini’ NB 574 Family Mart, 7-11, and ampm = MUST NOT MISS and not to forget the 576 3M collection just another MUST NOT MISS in ur collection!

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