574 Flag for 2007 American Football World Cup

Complex reports:

“This July, New Balance will release two limited edition “Flag” versions of their 574 model. Designed by the NB Japan team, the two models garner inspiration from the upcoming American Football World Cup, which is held every four years. This year, the competition will take place throughout the month of July in Kawasaki, Japan. Both U.S and Sweden models (The Sweden models are much doper than the U.S) will hit U.S soil July 4th and will retail for $65.”


7 Responses to “574 Flag for 2007 American Football World Cup”

  1. roentgen says:

    those are dope. off topic question however: what are those new balances in the second box from the left on the opening page of this site

  2. Tom says:

    These are fantastic. I wonder what the USA shoe will look like? It might wind up being kind of fresh if there are stars on it where the crosses are on this shoe.

  3. roentgen says:

    yes but please can someone tell me what those nb’s are with the picnic styled table cloth on them are called?
    I know they’re old but i cant remember what they are.

  4. DJ M says:

    Roentgen, that’s a Solebox x Beinghunted x NB collab — one of two 575s with the theme, “The Great Outdoors”

    More info here.

    Good luck tracking down a pair! 😉


  5. roentgen says:

    DJ M thank you my friend!

  6. Those are some nice looking sneakers.

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