The folks at New Balance contacted NBB to clarify that the ALIFE 576 (previously) will unfortunately not be making it to production. Here’s the official word:

New Balance did work with ALIFE on the collaboration project which was originally planned as a three shoe collection along with Sportie LA and Concepts at the Tannery in Boston. Due to reflective materials used in the ALIFE project and New Balance’s production methods, we were unable to produce the shoe as it was designed. So, the project will not be launched as planned. New Balance is eager to bring this collaboration to life, and the two brands are in discussions for an alternate project, but no date has been set for the release. Please Stay tuned!
–New Balance

Thanks to NB and ALIFE for the update. I must say I’m disappointed this particular shoe will not be produced with the other ones but I look forward to seeing what they come up with for the future!

4 Responses to “M576ALIF ALIFE Update”

  1. Liftmycurse says:

    i’m really disappointed. i’m very suprised NB had issues with making the shoe. I understand materials can stretch to much or not enough. I’d really like to know the bottom line problem.

  2. Skinner says:

    …maybe similar to Nike Medicom Dunk 3M is the answer? that make sense…no offense that just my 2 cents thought 😛 but the idea of 3M really cool~ watever it is NB still rock!

  3. xymon says:

    3m’s been done by a lot of other companies [madfoot, dvs etc] already this year, so its can’t be a “production issue”.
    bottom line is simply the guys did not like the look of it once the prototype was completed and killed it

  4. kiya says:

    The strange thing was that the Alife Collab shoe was the ONLY shoe my NB rep didn’t show me in person when i was shown the Q3 Tier One Line.
    The photos made the shoe look very plain, with zero color besides the base of the 3M material.

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