574 Japanese Conbini pack

I guess bodegas must be as pervasive in Japanese cities as American ones because New Balance is releasing a 576 574 “Conbini” trio bearing the colors of convenience stores, 7-Eleven, ampm and Family Mart.

Some form of familiarity on this one. We’ve seen Bathing Ape do their highly successful [exclusive] set of Bape Sta on the same concept and now NB-Jpn replicates with the 576 574 [Ed.–NBB]. Inspired by the conbini stores allover Japan [43,667 at last count in 2005], check out these 3 flavors all featuring suede and patent leather, with reflective detailing.

M574MSE 7-Eleven

M574RNO ampm

M574MFM Family Mart

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9 Responses to “574 Japanese Conbini pack”

  1. matt says:

    I believe the convenience package are 574s and not 576s.

  2. xymon says:

    yes, just realised the typo. my bad, its the 574

  3. Jonatan says:

    where to buy em????

    newbalance6@hotmail.com let me know

  4. Phil says:

    Where can I get these mofo’s? I’d like to cop the 7-11’s and the am/pm’s to complete the set.

  5. Jered says:

    Hey, love these…where do i pick them up?

  6. Cinematic says:

    We just got these…the family marts
    I love them…e-mail me for any questions or additional pics…


  7. ryan says:

    how i can get this shoes??

  8. jacob gutierrez says:

    i got the 7-11 edition shoes, i want to get the family mart ones next. amazing shoes

  9. NBFan says:

    I have 7-Eleven model. Now I’m planning to buy Family Mart ones.


    If You’re planning on taking a drivers license some time soon – buy these!!! I’ve been driving on my lessons in total 4 different pairs of shoes – AirMax, Nike ShoX, LaCoste, and New Balance 7-Eleven model.

    New Balance ones were the most comfortable – and the only ones in which You can feel the pedals. AirMax and ShoX were just too hard and I couldn’t feel the pedals – therefore I was forced to listen to the car to know when I’m supposed to change gear.

    Buy 7-Eleven’s or any of the given above on the pictures! You WON’T regret it!

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