576 Alife, Concepts, Sportie LA – US Tier 0

Xymon has dropped some more knowledge and pics on the upcoming New Balance 3-Store Collaborations produced by the Super Team 33 group in Skowhegan, Maine. All three 576’s are US Tier 0 releases.

Alife presents the high-concept M576ALIF with an all-over reflective silver upper and clear outsole. Perfect for legging it in the dark amongst the taxicabs of NYC.

Cambridge, MA’s Concepts Tannery has the yellow, white and turquoise M576TNRY with some patent and reflective details, Nubuck toebox & heel, suede vamp, clear and rubber outsole. (previously)

Last up is the now-familiar black Sportie LA M576SPLA with rainbow polkadots, patent toe, carbon fiber heel and pinstripes. Based on our comments this one is a strong divider! (previously)

M576TNRY Concepts

M576SPLA Sportie LA

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  1. dade says:

    That 3M Alife is gonna be nuts.

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