New Balance 2007 – 2008 preview

Here we have some previews of 2008 and Fall 2007 NBs! Looks like 574/576’s along with a pair of 710 hightops and a pair of Zips.

The first three (whites with the crazy N’s, the black & golds, and the brown thatched Zips) are reportedly for 2008, the rest for Fall 2007.

UPDATE — Got some ID’s on these thanks to Drew NB. The first white one is in the Japanese A0 series with one-piece construction and stitching similar to the 574ILL. The black/gold polkadots is a Japanese 576. The Zip is a US design with reflective 3M and suede woven together. The hightop 710 is also Japanese, as are the orange/red/blue and black/green/yellow 576’s below it. After that we have a US artist edition NB 574 collaboration with Avenj, and lastly a US 576 Factory Plaids celebrating NB’s domestic factories in Maine, also available in purple and navy Woolrich material. All of these will be available in the US starting in Fall 2007.

Japanese A0 one-piece construction

Japanese 576 Black/Gold polka

US Zip reflective 3M/Suede, Japanese 710

Japanese 576s

US 574 NB x Avenj, US 576 Factory Plaids

Via theprocessofbelief @ NikeTalk via HB via EUKicks
Update via Drew NB

6 Responses to “New Balance 2007 – 2008 preview”

  1. john says:

    The bottom two look pretty clean – but im not sure i can do the bright colors – they definitely catch my eye, im just not sure the clownish look will work for me.

  2. dade says:

    The plaid is rad.

  3. Liftmycurse says:

    some of these i’ve seen from e-mails sent to my friends boutique and also a NB retailer that i’m close with.

  4. […] AO9 release on the last day of December ‘07. The white version was previewed earlier on NBB. These particular A09’s sport the one piece construction and have hemp uppers, […]

  5. GFneedsNB says:

    Girlfriend saw another girl wearing plaid NB’s with light purple/blue coloring. I thought the light purple was actually pink, but whatever. Anyone have any suggestions where to get?

  6. Nico says:

    wo kann ich die “US 576 Factory Plaids” kaufen ?

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