576 Sportie LA – new sample

Chicago retailer, Leaders1354 has posted a pic of the black NB x Sportie LA 576 alongside another sample. Looks like another 576 in white patent, yellow and blue. They say release dates are July and September. Thanks Liftmycurse for the heads up!

Update: The neon yellow/turquoise are a collaboration between New Balance and Concepts, the shoe shop in Cambridge, MA. Thanks, Drew.


Via Leaders1354

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  1. jaboalamo says:

    they still have’nt got it right. i know that these wacky materials and colors might introduce NB to a brand new market but this is not the NB that i fell in love with. PLEASE STOP IT!!

  2. DJ M says:

    I think the fact that these are both collabs with American retail shops explains the general look they’re going for.

  3. NeakFreak says:

    Are you people kidding me? I love these shoes. They are what they are supposed to be. Why not get a little color. I love these Sneaks and Sportie’s spin on them…

  4. Dade says:

    Looks like New Balance USA is trying to keep up with Nike, with the loud colors, polka dots and such. Uk and Japanese made New Balance have already set the standards and New Balance USA is just trying to keep up. I’m sure once they settle into the high end sneaker scene they will get it right eventually.

    IMO-They look good…not awesome…I’ll most likely buy them (because I’m addicted to anything NB), but I’ll probably stick to the Made in England’s NB’s.

  5. endo says:

    what’s the heel material on the black ones?

    I’m ok with patent NBs. The white one’s look like the SNS collab 577 from a couple years ago.


  6. xymon says:

    its the “carbon fibre” print on the heel

  7. mma says:

    I find this blog very interesting, i will be here everyday till now. Greetings

  8. Nicki says:

    I`m sorry, but the heel material from the black ones don`t looks like carbon, it`s look like kevlar!

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