M574 by mnnf

Japanese artist, mnnf has done a series of three 574s using cardboard paper paper rope and twine. Absolutely amazing!! Info and pics courtesy of Ro @ 5th Dimension.

“For mnnf inquiries, original artwork, commissions or to get on the mailing list, please email: info///at ///woven.jp”

M574 by mnnf – “Sasurai”, “M574”, “Ru”



M574 Sasurai (Roaming)




M574 Ru (Flow)




5 Responses to “M574 by mnnf”

  1. ian says:

    are they wearable…..?

  2. Patrick says:

    Looks like the sole is the same material as the rest of the shoe, I would guess not.

  3. eitak says:

    omg these shoes are ugly!! who would wear them?
    a homeless hobo man, maybe. but no one in their right mind would buy these because there are much better choices out there. these shoes should not ever be shown on the face of the world again. they are like a sad excuse for clown shoes.
    the color is hideous, the pattern terrible, and the whole shoe makes me want to barf.


  4. eitak says:

    woah they look like noodles!

  5. DJ M says:

    So eitak would it be safe to say that you don’t like them? 😉

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