574 Japan colors – Spring 2007 drop at NB Seattle

The downtown NB Seattle store has just received a shipment of Classic 574s for Spring 2007. These include all the “Japan colors” – blue, green, orange, yellow, pink and red – with a variety of white leather, black carbon fiber and grey suede to offset the bright colors. The price is nice at USD $70. Info and pics courtesy of Christian at the shop, nice one!

Spring 2007 574s – Japan Colors


M574JRB – Japan Red Black


M574JGB – Japan Green Black


M574JBG – Japan Blue Grey


M574JGO – Japan Grey Orange


M574JGY – Japan Grey Yellow


M574JPG – Japan Pink Grey


4 Responses to “574 Japan colors – Spring 2007 drop at NB Seattle”

  1. Patrick says:

    For 70$ shoes, those all look sweet.

  2. Liftmycurse says:

    I called the Seattle store to order the blue ones. Very nice employee on the phone. Great shipping price of only $7.50! He told me this blog has picked up the business for the 574’s! hahaha!

  3. scottaliano says:

    does anybody know if ‘M574JBG – Japan Blue Grey’ is pig skin or not?

  4. BA says:

    I love these shoes, I wish they were still around.

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