1600 Green Label Relaxing by United Arrows

“Zozo Town’s Green Label Relaxing store by United Arrows has released a special limited edition NB M1600, featuring a suede, mesh and leather upper. Check it out here.” — K Moto @ SXH



1182547_b_5-01.jpg 1182547_b_7-01.jpg 1182547_b_3-01.jpg

Via SlamXHype

2 Responses to “1600 Green Label Relaxing by United Arrows”

  1. julio cesar dos reis says:

    eu queria comprar um tennis modelo new balance 1600
    como eu faço pra obter um par de tennis desse modelo

  2. richard says:

    Hey folks!
    I´d like to know where i can find to buy 1600 on traditional GRAY and GOLD EDITION.
    Is it produced in Japan?

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