M990HSN Hanon x Schoeller Technologies x NB update

Update from Hanon about their forthcoming collab (previously on NBB). It’s been revealed to be a 990 model with a release date of Saturday April 28. Looks like a gold “N” on a black upper with and some emergency orange in there.. my kind of colors!

“We are proud to present the hanon M990HSN

An intro to Schoeller Technologies

Our latest venture with New Balance is a three way collaboration that incorporates fabric innovations by Schoeller on the classic M990 running shoe. Schoeller is a Swiss based company known for producing high technology textiles. Their fabrics are ‘smart’ highly functional and technically outstanding. Products can be offered in synthetic, natural or mixed fabrics with the look and feel of cotton whilst offering state of the art functionality.

hanon M990HSN and 3XDRy

The hanon M990 is constructed with a Schoeller 3XDRY encapsulated sock upper. 3Xdry is a treatment applied to technical fabrics that deals predominantly with 3 areas.

1. Moisture management
2. Stimulates cooling effect
3. Repels water and stains.

3xDry transports mositure quickly. From the inside to the outside. High breathability and the wicking management effect prevents shivering or over sweating after active phases as persipration cannot be trapped in the fabric. 3Xdry also repels mositure from the outside and is less susceptible to soiling or marking. The technology allows the fabric to dry in a flash after washing or contact with water.

The hanon M990HSN will be released on Saturday April 28th. Keep checking back for more pics, spec and launch information.”

Via SlamXHype and Hanon

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