A02 576 Black and Rasta

We just saw the New Balance A01, here’s the A02 in black and rasta colors. It appears these are modified 576’s with a one-piece vamp, the new style of painted “N”s we saw in the Fall 2007 preview, denim fabrics, high-contrast stitching and a graffiti-style “New Balance” on the heel.

A02 BK (Black)




A02 RST (Rasta)




Via Tsuruya

3 Responses to “A02 576 Black and Rasta”

  1. xymon says:

    grafitti style logo at heel was last seen on the 574 ILL

  2. DJ M says:

    Yup, I have a pair of those, they are wicked!!

  3. Skinner says:

    loving the A02 denim !!
    but damn 6 more days left for the s33 Stingray

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