Hanon x Schoeller Technologies x NB


Stepping it up a notch and then some, Scottish retailer Hanon has announced a forthcoming collab with New Balance and Swiss textile licensors, Schoeller Technologies AG. Scheduled release is first week of May 2007.

“Hanon’s crew have reworked a New Balance classic with a luxury Schoeller 3XDry fabric that offers a full encapsulated sock upper. Premium full grain leather and nubuck overlays are provided by Pittard’s of England and as with previous hanon x New Balance, detailing and reference points will be unique only to this model.”

3XDry is a fabric treatment that combines water-repellence on the outside and perspiration absorption on the inside, so you can wear it in the rain yet avoid getting soaked with sweat.


The question remains, why would anyone in their right mind with a pair of ultra-limited Hanon sock-sneakers that will probably cost upwards of two hundred dollars 1. actually go running 2. in the rain. Because…… they can!

Via SxH and Hanon

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  1. […] Update from Hanon about their forthcoming collab (previously on NBB). It’s been revealed to be a 990 model with a release date of Saturday April 28. Looks like a gold “N” on a black upper with and some emergency orange in there.. my kind of colors! […]

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