1400 Super Team 33, Part 2: “Stingray”

The ST33 release at the beginning of ’07 was of such a high quality that mine have barely left the box, and I usually wear everything I buy. The sequel, “Stingray” is due in April and looks every bit as good. From the initial pics we can see one shoe in two colorways, both of which appear to share the same heel. Again this one is Made in the USA by a chosen team of shoemakers and available in only 33 shops worldwide.

Scroll down for info and store availability courtesy of Sneaker Freaker

“What is Super Team 33?

Out of the 6 New Balance factories in the USA, one of the best is located in Skowhegan, Maine – a district famous for its shoe manufacturing. From the engineers in the factory, a special production line was built, made up of the best 28 workers and 5 craftsmen (longest career 25 years, total career of 33 workers: 265.5 years). The collection made from these talented workers was named “Super Team 33”, because of its production line #33, and because of the total number of workers on the team. They value “high quality” and “aggressiveness”, and create the best quality shoes in New Balance.”

“These Stingray 1400’s will be available at…

Alife (NYC), Shoe Gallery (South Beach), The 400 (Denver), Sportie LA (LA), P.E.G (Dallas), Tannery (Boston), Shoe Biz (San Francisco), Capital 1524 (Seattle), The Vault (Toronto), La Godasse (Montreal), El Kartel (Vancouver)

Hanon, Size Carnaby St, Offspring Neal St (UK), Solebox, Tate (Germany), Sneakers’n’Stuff (Sweden), Wallace (Denmark), Vintage 55, Gente, ANO TBC (Italy), Trust Nobody (Spain), Lijfstijl (Holland)

Mita, Atmos, United Arrows, Oshmans, Urban Research, Darjeeling Days

D-Mop (Hong Kong) Limited Edition Vault (Singapore), S.H Owin (Taipei)

Zoo (Chile)”


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  1. Korce says:

    Does anyone know where “The Vault” is in Toronto!? I’ve tried looking all over the internet/phonebook for this place and it doesn’t seem to exist…any ideas?

  2. Skinner says:

    NB ROCKS!!! 1400 model one of the most comfy!
    Anyway, just want to share with you guys,
    NB CM320: Interview with Eric Haze ^_^ and more…


  3. DJ M says:

    Korce, I found this listing on local.google.com. You might want to confirm with them on the phone though.

    The Vault
    946 Edgeley Boulevard
    Concord, ON L4K 4V4, Canada
    (905) 761-7274

    DJ M

  4. DJ M says:

    Skinner, thanks for the link!
    Is that your site?

  5. Skinner says:

    Hey Dj M,

    The blog yes, but shakenb not mine.
    Just wanna share with all the NB fanatics 🙂

    Not to be miss NB 1500 Croc Skin,
    you guys can check these ‘A MUST HAVE IN THE COLLECTION’ from Atmos

    Some other old and new released but not much info on it:

    NB574 Easter

    (You can view the followin from Mita sneakers)
    NB845L x realMadhectic x Mita Sneakers
    NB554 x Fiberops
    NB554 x Whiz

    NB576PAL “Liberty”

    Sry for hijacking haha, you can delete this comment when u got the above details 🙂 cheers have a nice day.

  6. Skinner says:

    Sorry again, dun think u notice this.

    NB 574 White Dragon
    one of the GR model release in asia.
    Gold embroidery at heal instead of the word ‘New Balance’

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  8. Sandman says:

    The Vault is opening up soon in Toronto. Their website is http://www.vaultstyle.ca

  9. Sneaka Girl says:

    Hey, what’s going on with New Balance. They are doing some crazy sneaks lately. Check out these NBs from SportieLA – http://sportiela.com/sneakers/NewBalance

  10. I’ve had one pair of NB but that was a long time ago. The ones you have here are awesome. Please tell me if I can get them here in South Africa.

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  12. Ruby says:

    The navy ones are the best things on the planet, blue velvet.. shit. I really want some but I guess there’s not much going for Australia right? Need more NBs to be cloud steppin 4 ever.

  13. Chris Harter says:

    these will go great with my colection and what will the final price be?

  14. CRAZY MIKE says:


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