480 Comic

One for the comic nerds!


New Balance will soon release this limited edition 480 Comic sneaker. The design of the shoe is inspired by the current revival of comic book super heroes in movies and in newer comics series. Other than the design, this new NB Comic 480 also contains Tyvek materials which feels like paper to enhance that comic book feel of the shoe. These sneakers will only be available through Foot Locker and Foot action and will launch this February 15 in Las Vegas as a limited release. It will then see a Select US and International release on March 23.”

Interesting. Tyvek is the stuff Priority Mail flate-rate envelopes are made out of. The “KA-BOOM” and the barcode are bad! Overall this looks like a great shoe. Too bad the string of comic book movies that inspired it have largely sucked except X-Men 1 and 2 and the two Spidermans…. IMO.

Via EUKicks via Hypebeast

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    Very nice, this pair I would

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