Super Team 33 launch

I hope everyone that was out for a pair of Super Team 33's managed to get theirs today! Shoe Biz II here in SF had a cool little launch party set up with the shoes in a cooler chest and netted cage displays, along with tins of gummy fish, haha. It was a tough choice but I walked out with a pair of the Butterflys. The packaging rounds it out with custom box, tags, insole, and even a matching t-shirt. Pics below.







4 Responses to “Super Team 33 launch”

  1. xymon says:

    glad you got your pair! =)
    i got the butterfly’s as well

  2. Andreas says:

    Does ‘here in sf’ mean, that you live here? If so: We should meet, I’m in sf too currently.

  3. William says:

    Managed to get a pair of the yellow Butterfly fish style. They are very unique and will stay alternative for a long time imo.