Super Team 33 launch nights


The ultra-limited Super Team 33 pack is out this Saturday. Some of the 33 select retailers around the world are having in-store parties on Friday or Saturday to celebrate. Info and images via SlamXHype, Hypebeast, DJ Low Key, Unit One. Drop a comment if you know of any other related events.

Also, there are some more nice pics of all three shoes at KIXandtheCITY.

Saturday 1/20, 8:30-11:30pm
Goodlife Bar, 28 Kingston St, Boston MA
Saturday 1/20, 8-11PM @ P.E.G. Get Laced
Saturday 1/20, 7-10PM @ The 400
Los Angeles
Thursday 1/18, 8:30-11:30AM @ Sportie LA

New York
Thursday 1/18, 8-12AM @ Noca Lounge

San Francisco
Saturday 1/20, 7:30-10:30PM @ Shoebiz

Friday 1/19, 9pm-12 @ Capitol 1524
“Free food, beer, beverages and give aways”

South Beach
Tuesday 1/23, 8-11PM @ Buck15

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  1. fastcharles says:

    I just found this blog, this is ill… NB consistently put out the fire. Can’t wait for those Black & Purple Mita/RMH’s