1500 OCW

A new 1500 is now available at Overkill over in Berlin. The 1500OCW features wood green and dark brown leather, canvas, and a camo mesh interior. Thanks Robert @ Overkill for the heads up 🙂
Update: this is also at Sold Out, colette & La MJC's web shop in France.






2 Responses to “1500 OCW”

  1. […] The 1500 KCW is a monochrome sibling to the 1500 OCW (previously). The subtle exterior is spiced up with canvas material and the same camo interior as the OCW. Check the textures on the closeup. […]

  2. […] New at Overkill is the 1500 BCW in Light Brown / Dark Brown / White. Looks like a sister shoe to the 1500 KCW and 1500 OCW with the cool camo interior lining. Price is € 150. […]