NB x Crooked Tongues “Confederation of Villainy” – 575 Black Bart

Villainy episode 3 of 4 is a beefy yet tasteful 575 with the same black-heavy design paired this time with shades of blue. Nice stitching and white highlight around the “N”. Black Bart was a polite Wild West stagecoach robber who used to leave poems at the scene of the crime- nice!


“Another official debut for one of our forthcoming Crooked x New Balance 'Confederation Of Villainy' models – you might have had a fleeting glance at this 575 that's looking to beat the competiition black and blue before, bit it's time to explore it in more depth. As mentioned, blue is very much the colour, with with a strikingly bright variation used as the highlight on the upper and sole unit. The white leather behind the 'N' and a substantial scattering of 3M sets off the whole shebang. As previously mentioned, you can expect a custom tongue label, intelligent use of the 'ol contrast stitch, premium materials and the white metal top eyelet, but in this case, your limited edition acquisition is guarded by a super-durable gum outsole. For trail heads and blueophiles alike, it's an appealing shoe.

Accompanying this 575 is custom packaging themed after the gentleman crook of the Old West, Black Bart, with the same obsessive level of attention to detail as the kicks themselves. Again, 99 pairs, CT store only and scheduled for early December. Right, that's three down, one to go…”

Via CT

ps- My guess for the fourth shoe–BLACK BUSH!

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