Hanon LTD Centenary Set – 577, 670, 1500

Just got the blast from Hanon that they've released a set of the three “Flimby Heroes” Centenary kicks along with a book, stamp set and toys modeled after the three Flimby workers.  This is limited to SIX sets only!



This weekend we launch a limited edition New Balance Centenary set.

New Balance celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2006 and to mark the milestone have released a commemorative footwear collection. This weekend in conjunction with NB we will be releasing six Centenary sets. Each will comprise of all three models – the M1500IB Ian, M670VD Victor and M577AS 'Audrey as well as a special edition hardback book and all bonus accessory additons

The book is especially desirable as it is not available for resale but created solely for inhouse promotion. Released for the centenary and finished with a plush hardback cover it charts 100 years of the New Balance company. All footwear models are featured in detail as well as classic advertisements, company history, production and ethos, and striking archive photography from sporting events throughout the years.

The Centenary Set (6 pieces only)

• M670VD Victor
• M1500IB Ian
• M577AS Audrey
• Hardback Centenary book 'Enduring Performance The New Balance Story'
• Collectable Playmobil toys
• Stamp Set

The sets will be priced at £239.95

For the first 3 orders we have a '3 widths mug set set' set to give away.

The New Balance Centenary set will go live this Saturday November 11th at 1pm (UK)

Centenary (100 Years) Edition – 577, 670, 1500

3 Responses to “Hanon LTD Centenary Set – 577, 670, 1500”

  1. ultralpha says:

    damn! only six sets! The book looks nice.

  2. DJ M says:

    Yeah that book looks awesome but I can’t really swing this whole package :'(

    Added the pics… I love that vintage “lighter than a lemon” ad, haha.

  3. Nicki says:

    I search for this New Balance book. Were can I find this book?