Video: How New Balance Shoes Are Made

Check out this video from the National Association of Manufacturers on how NB are made, with some interesting manufacturing footage and employee statements. It does remind you that unlike a lot of sneaker companies, NB has a long tradition of domestic shoemaking and are running nerds at heart.

My favorite line is in the first ten seconds – “they don't make cool sneakers for hipsters and club kids.” Guess again, sucka!

Next to the video player there's also a link to a second video about NB's history, whatchoo know about the Chicken Foot Theory??

via NAM

2 Responses to “Video: How New Balance Shoes Are Made”

  1. New Balance // Everything must be perfect…

    The New Balance Blog has dug deep into the website of NAM, to unveil a video about NBs philosophy of making shoes. Great find I especially like the ‘everything must be perfect’ part. (And the flaming by Jim Davis isn’t too bad either – I might ask …

  2. NewBalance says:

    Yeah really very nice video…NB shoe making part is interesting