574 Asian LTD

Pretty wild Asian style on this one with a yellow embroidered dragon and toe stitching. I'm going to guess it's Japanese-inspired because the dragon appears to have 3 claws but wtf do I know.
According to the all-knowing & all-sample-seeing Kiya these are Tier 2 Limited, hitting American streets on February 10, 2007 for $95.


Via chiu_kee over at the SC forums

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  1. […] Plenty of 574’s in the collection too including the Asian dragon model previously on NBB, another brown embroidered model, and a trio of bright colorways. I’m all about the fluorescent yellow! […]

  2. New Balance // 574 Dragon — but white!…

    Did you know that the New Balance 574 Dragon Model might be available in white too? Looks a lot cleaner imo: