1500s For President

German shop, Overkill has a nice selection of British 1500s in bold, new-school colors. Personally the regular 1500 is one of my favorite models because it's light yet rigid.. with these they seem to be going for more of a supple, premium feel and the quality is amazing.

Pictured are 1500BBW (beige suede & mesh/olive leather/orange trim), 1500GB (black & orange leather/white mesh), 1500NBO (dark blue suede/orange leather/light blue mesh), 1500TB (black suede/brown & white leather/beige mesh) and 1500NYG (grey suede/black leather).

Out here in the Bay Area I got my green and orange joints through my good friends Turf in San Mateo. The leather is crazy soft and comfy. This one is considered Tier 1 in the states as I believe the rest would be if they sell here. I'm also again feeling the black/orange combo.. just in time for Halloween.. and the brown/black/whites are CLASS.. I'm rocking these to the horse races.

1500BBW (beige/olive/orange)

1500TB (black/brown)
1500TB-(black-brown)-angle1500GB (black/orange)
1500NBO (dark blue/orange), 1500NYG (black/white)
Via Overkill and Turf

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