NB Model Info

Here you can find some info and history about New Balance kicks by model #. Got anything to add? Send email to steps[-at-]newbalance-blog.com with your name and website and I'll credit you.

12 Responses to “NB Model Info”

  1. Luiz Folgosi says:

    I’d like to know if someone can help me. I’ve been looking for a long time for a 574JWT, size US11.5.
    Does anybody knows where can I find it?
    Thank you.

  2. anne says:

    i was wondering how i can order new balance 320 red-white,if i live in la?

  3. DJ M says:

    Hi Anne,

    I’m not sure. I haven’t seen the new 320s on sale domestically yet.



  4. john says:

    Not in the US, as far as i know

  5. Omar says:

    Does anybody know what the new balance’s with the red plaid are called that are at the top page of newbalance-blog.com?

  6. Erik says:

    The plaid shoe at the top looks like the 580 but i have no real insight

  7. cedric miller says:

    It’s a UK made Trail 575. Part of a collaboration with Solebox and Being Hunted from a couple of years ago.


  8. MARJORIE says:

    I’m looking for my man a 576 Japanese black/gold-Polka(in 42 size/ 8 ). Where can I buy them in France, or in internet ( a website who sell them)…
    This is my email, it’s URGENT!
    Thank you SOOO MUCCHH!!

  9. Marcus says:


    So I’d greatly appreciate any assistance finding some women’s new balance that are similar to the 650 (W650BLK) -black with a pink letter N. Even a style number would help. They were spotted earlier this year at a Carnival Shoe in Detroit Michigan.

    I know it’s vague… but I’ve combed the internets and Google failed.


  10. Ben says:

    Hey, I stumbled upon this site in my quest for some NB knowledge. I have a 2-3 year old pair of NB 580s that I bought in Arkansas that are wearing out. I want to replace them, but I recently realized that they aren’t selling them here anymore. I see all the funky colored imported edtions, but I want the plain, grey, suede and mesh design (like the classic 576 and 992) ones just like the pair I already have. What is the deal with these shoes? I can’t even find a picture of them online anymore. Someone help me, please…



  11. erik says:


    The 580’s you are looking for are sold by road runner sports.

  12. Chris says:

    Hi I was wondering where i could get a hold of some 670UKRB’s in 13……i’ve looked all over the internet for them and can’t find them