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574 AVENJ Sean D’Anconia

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Update — more pics here.

Xymon again with more details on the New Balance AVENJ artist series 574 (previously).

Much like the previous artist editions by Josh Wisdumb and Eric Haze, this time NB presents Sean D’Anconia of Her Majesty’s Secret studios.


The shoe pays homage to 70’s grindhouse cinema using a collage of the icons of the era: streets of Harlem to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, from Yakuza to KungFu. Check out the detailing in the closeups below.




Trivia: Sean regularly slips references to Atlas Shrugged in his artwork…have a good close look if you get your hands on this 🙂

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576 Alife, Concepts, Sportie LA – US Tier 0

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Xymon has dropped some more knowledge and pics on the upcoming New Balance 3-Store Collaborations produced by the Super Team 33 group in Skowhegan, Maine. All three 576’s are US Tier 0 releases.

Alife presents the high-concept M576ALIF with an all-over reflective silver upper and clear outsole. Perfect for legging it in the dark amongst the taxicabs of NYC.

Cambridge, MA’s Concepts Tannery has the yellow, white and turquoise M576TNRY with some patent and reflective details, Nubuck toebox & heel, suede vamp, clear and rubber outsole. (previously)

Last up is the now-familiar black Sportie LA M576SPLA with rainbow polkadots, patent toe, carbon fiber heel and pinstripes. Based on our comments this one is a strong divider! (previously)

M576TNRY Concepts

M576SPLA Sportie LA

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New Balance 2007 – 2008 preview

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Here we have some previews of 2008 and Fall 2007 NBs! Looks like 574/576’s along with a pair of 710 hightops and a pair of Zips.

The first three (whites with the crazy N’s, the black & golds, and the brown thatched Zips) are reportedly for 2008, the rest for Fall 2007.

UPDATE — Got some ID’s on these thanks to Drew NB. The first white one is in the Japanese A0 series with one-piece construction and stitching similar to the 574ILL. The black/gold polkadots is a Japanese 576. The Zip is a US design with reflective 3M and suede woven together. The hightop 710 is also Japanese, as are the orange/red/blue and black/green/yellow 576’s below it. After that we have a US artist edition NB 574 collaboration with Avenj, and lastly a US 576 Factory Plaids celebrating NB’s domestic factories in Maine, also available in purple and navy Woolrich material. All of these will be available in the US starting in Fall 2007.

Japanese A0 one-piece construction

Japanese 576 Black/Gold polka

US Zip reflective 3M/Suede, Japanese 710

Japanese 576s

US 574 NB x Avenj, US 576 Factory Plaids

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Update via Drew NB

576 Sportie LA – new sample

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Chicago retailer, Leaders1354 has posted a pic of the black NB x Sportie LA 576 alongside another sample. Looks like another 576 in white patent, yellow and blue. They say release dates are July and September. Thanks Liftmycurse for the heads up!

Update: The neon yellow/turquoise are a collaboration between New Balance and Concepts, the shoe shop in Cambridge, MA. Thanks, Drew.


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576 Sportie LA

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Complex reports on a 576 collab between New Balance and Sportie LA due this summer. Crazy materials on this one including a striped toebox and tongue, patent leather toe, carbon heel?, scored leather and colored polka dots. Sportie LA will have these exclusively on July 1st with a wider release on September 1st. Price is USD $150.

Thoughts? Without the colored polka dots I would be all over it.




1400 Super Team 33, Part 2: “Stingray”

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

The ST33 release at the beginning of ’07 was of such a high quality that mine have barely left the box, and I usually wear everything I buy. The sequel, “Stingray” is due in April and looks every bit as good. From the initial pics we can see one shoe in two colorways, both of which appear to share the same heel. Again this one is Made in the USA by a chosen team of shoemakers and available in only 33 shops worldwide.

Scroll down for info and store availability courtesy of Sneaker Freaker

“What is Super Team 33?

Out of the 6 New Balance factories in the USA, one of the best is located in Skowhegan, Maine – a district famous for its shoe manufacturing. From the engineers in the factory, a special production line was built, made up of the best 28 workers and 5 craftsmen (longest career 25 years, total career of 33 workers: 265.5 years). The collection made from these talented workers was named “Super Team 33”, because of its production line #33, and because of the total number of workers on the team. They value “high quality” and “aggressiveness”, and create the best quality shoes in New Balance.”

“These Stingray 1400’s will be available at…

Alife (NYC), Shoe Gallery (South Beach), The 400 (Denver), Sportie LA (LA), P.E.G (Dallas), Tannery (Boston), Shoe Biz (San Francisco), Capital 1524 (Seattle), The Vault (Toronto), La Godasse (Montreal), El Kartel (Vancouver)

Hanon, Size Carnaby St, Offspring Neal St (UK), Solebox, Tate (Germany), Sneakers’n’Stuff (Sweden), Wallace (Denmark), Vintage 55, Gente, ANO TBC (Italy), Trust Nobody (Spain), Lijfstijl (Holland)

Mita, Atmos, United Arrows, Oshmans, Urban Research, Darjeeling Days

D-Mop (Hong Kong) Limited Edition Vault (Singapore), S.H Owin (Taipei)

Zoo (Chile)”


576 Leftovers Collection is out

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Made in Skowhegan, ME these are “inspired by (and for the most part, built with)” leftover materials from previous styles at New Balance’s factory. The right and left shoe have the same colors but on different panels, giving them the look of a photo and its negative. The concept is wild and as with any limited New Balance collection you can expect the quality to be outstanding.

The three colorways are available now at shops with Tier 1 accounts, such as Turf in San Mateo which has em for $145.




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