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NB 576 x Foot Patrol

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Almost forgot to post this 576 that matches the made-in-UK Gimme 5 collab with the velcro N we saw previously. This time London’s Foot Patrol sneaker boutique is on the buttons. The preview shows a reddish-brown upper with brightly colored, removable, velcro Ns in blue, orange and yellow.

Each shoe also comes with a leather tag bearing the logo of the shop that collaborated with New Balance, in this case a Foot Patrol gas mask.

No word on release dates yet.


Via HB. Thanks Xymon for the heads up.

G-Flash by G-Shock x KIKS TYO x New Balance – the watches

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Here are the two G-Shock watches that match the forthcoming KIKS TYO x G-Shock x New Balance collab (previously on NBB).


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NB 576 x Gimme 5

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Gimme 5 has collaborated with New Balance on a limited edition, UK-made 576. The shoe upper itself is all-black but it comes with three brightly-colored, interchangeable, velcro ‘N’ logos in black on yellow, pink on gray, and green on purple. These colors are also used in multicolor embroidery on the tongue. No release information for this yet so stay tuned!


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1400 Super Team 33 Fanzine Collection

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

NB M1400 Super Team 33 Fanzine Collection

The next quarterly release from New Balance’s Super Team 33 manufacturing group will be out July 20, 2007 for USD $200. The design comes from NB Europe who have chosen zines as their inspiration. Remember the time before weblogs? Fanzines are of course DIY print publications created by fans and for fans purely “for the love” of a particular music artist, fashion or other pop culture phenomenon. Made with scissors, tape, glue, staples, photocopiers, typewriters, desktop printers and other cheap and quick production methods, they have served a critical role in disseminating youth subculture.

M1400FZ1 – White

M1400FZ2 – Blue

M1400FZ3 – Red

“”Fanzines are created through the passion and care of an individual with a message and an audience,” says Robert Ward, EMEA lifestyle category manager at New Balance. “In a similar way this New Balance ST33 collection has been crafted with the same passion and care as the writers invested in their early fanzines. These shoes are all still individually handmade with a strong sense of craftsmanship and pride, just like an old stapled and photocopied fanzine.”

The Fanzine 1400’s feature a combination of premium full grain leathers and intricate printed materials. The rich, supple premium aniline leathers used on the shoes were selected to represent the high quality of the collection and the New Balance brand. The punch perforations in the vamp and midsole symbolize the heavily inked dots the period key on old typewriters would leave when typing onto fanzine paper. The shoe colors were chosen based on the most commonly used fanzine paper stock – fanzine writers typically use brightly colored paper stock as the type/text itself is always black, so red and blue paper is often used to give the fanzine a more colorful, high quality, eye-catching appearance. The “do it yourself” nature of fanzines is incorporated into the ST33 shoes through a variety of languages, illustrating the global nature of the collection and the fanzine concept.”
–New Balance

The ST33 production group in Skowhegan, Maine counts only 28 members and practices domestic vertical manufacturing. They create the shoes by hand, going from cutting to packing in a single day, and ship directly from the factory itself. The “33” indicates that the shoes are sold at only 33 select retailers worldwide.

The first ST33 release was the American-designed fish collection, followed by the Stingray collection designed by NB Japan. Next up is New Balance’s Asia/Pacific group whose ST33 release will be out in Q4 2007.


576 Reflective Pack

Friday, June 8th, 2007

The red 3M 576 posted the other day is part of a new 576 Reflective Pack. Motive807 over in Austin, TX has all three.

M576RCRB – Reflective Red

M576RCTB – Reflective Tan

M576RCGB – Reflective Grey

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576 Red 3M ST33 Tier One

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Turf has a new Tier One 576 made by the ST33 team in Boston. The red piece, the backing behind the “N”, and part of the toecap are 3M reflective. The sole is made of clear smoke gel. USD $145



G-Flash by G-Shock x KIKS TYO x New Balance

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Japanese streetwear label and retailer, KIKS TYO released today the first preview of their footwear collab with New Balance and G-Shock.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Casio’s rugged and high-tech G-Shock watch line, the “G-Flash” series includes two pairs of NB 574s as well as a modified 320. The shoes match a pair of KIKS TYO x G-Shock watches to be released worldwide in August 2007.

Founded in 2006 by DJ, designer and streetwear/sneaker culture personality hobby:tech (Shinichi Izaki), KIKS TYO has since gained recognition worldwide for its dedication to producing well crafted, high-quality apparel and accessories based on sneakers and sport culture.

The G-Flash 574 comes in a black/yellow and yellow/black colorway, the 320 in black/red. All three make use of paint-speckling on the leathers as well as custom lace locks. There appears to be some patent leather in there as well. I like these, the colors really pop and the designs are eye-catching without going overboard. Stay tuned for more info and pics.


M574LVBC Las Vegas update

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Better pic of the M574LVBC from the Limited Edition 574 Las Vegas collection (previously), via Complex.

This is looking a hell of a lot better to me now!


Spring-Summer 2007 574s – LEW, PMC, BKR

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Atmos has some new 574s for Spring/Summer 2007. They also have the black and green LTD 1600s that dropped a couple weeks ago at Mita (previously).

M574J LEW – White Dragon

M574M PMC – Pastel Multi Color

M574M BKR – Black/Rasta

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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

The folks at New Balance contacted NBB to clarify that the ALIFE 576 (previously) will unfortunately not be making it to production. Here’s the official word:

New Balance did work with ALIFE on the collaboration project which was originally planned as a three shoe collection along with Sportie LA and Concepts at the Tannery in Boston. Due to reflective materials used in the ALIFE project and New Balance’s production methods, we were unable to produce the shoe as it was designed. So, the project will not be launched as planned. New Balance is eager to bring this collaboration to life, and the two brands are in discussions for an alternate project, but no date has been set for the release. Please Stay tuned!
–New Balance

Thanks to NB and ALIFE for the update. I must say I’m disappointed this particular shoe will not be produced with the other ones but I look forward to seeing what they come up with for the future!