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991 LUX and 576 KLL & BLL preorders at hanon

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

Some nice pre-orders are on sale now at

M991 LUX
– Plush leather upper
– Vented toebox
– Limited numbers
– price – £84.95

M991 LUX

nbfi1bk60-01.jpg nbfp5bk.jpg nbfi1bk20-01.jpg

nbfi1bk40-01.jpg nbfi1bk30-01.jpg nbfi1bk50-01.jpg

M576 KLL (Black) & BLL (Brown) 80’s
– Leather upper
– Suede saddle
– Vintage Sole unit
– Gum sole
– Made in the UK
– price – £79.95

M576 KLL (Black) 80’s

nbfi2bk60-01.jpg image.jpeg nbfi2bk-01.jpg

nbfi2bk20-01.jpg nbfi2bk30-01.jpg nbfi2bk50-01.jpg

M576 BLL (Brown) 80’s

nbfi2bn60-01.jpg image-1.jpeg nbfi2bn-01.jpg

nbfi2bn20-01.jpg nbfi2bn30-01.jpg nbfi2bn50-01.jpg

Crooked Tongues Villainy release, Monday Dec 4th

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

This Monday 12/4, Crooked Tongues’ Villainy series will be released for sale via their online store at 4pm GMT (8am PST – to find the time in your zone check here). Priced at GBP 150 (about USD $300) they are hella spendy for NB’s but the materials, details, concept, design and packaging is clearly a cut above. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I remember reading that the sizes only go up to 12 which means I am shut out. It’s a sizeist conspiracy! Oh well, enjoy ’em.

Edit — yup, available US sizes are 8, 9, 10, 10 1/2, 11, 11 1/2, 12.

“A final announcement on our ‘Confederation Of Villainy’ pack with New Balance. Each shoe will be 150gbp and they’ll be strictly limited to 99 pairs of each. All 4 shoes will be going on sale on Monday December 4th at 4pm GMT exclusively from the Crooked store. Premium leathers and suedes, a ton of tiny details like the white eyelet and tongue tags on each pair and of course, the custom slide boxes – made to our specifications, and illustrated by BJ Betts, with some incredible artwork, printed on heavy duty stock. Ain’t no half-stepping round these parts. Shipping is free in the UK, and just to reiterate, these shoes won’t be available anywhere else….”

Here’s the final round of graphic design pr0n.. mmmm…


“After Crooked set a standard for New Balance collaborations in 2004, with four limited edition 576s, after the hiatus that followed the Solebox collaborating 1500 in early ’05, the sneaker landscape has changed and it takes a little more to stand out in a sea of overcooked, loveless gangbangs between brands. Crooked’s relationship with New Balance’s Flimby HQ has been tight and Winter 2006 seemed the right time to drop more gems.

Rather than clambering for a concept that hasn’t already been done to death, they wanted to make quality and attention to detail the focal point. Between four models – collaborative favourites, the 1500, 577 and 575, plus debuting with its very own custom sole unit for this special edition, the 991, these UK made shoes have been overseen so that every stitch, leather, fabric and stealthy dose of 3M is as requested. Each model is linked by use of an eyecatching highlight colour – red, yellow, blue and green, a white metal top eyelet and a custom tongue label.

Of course, with the original Crooked Tongues /New Balance pieces setting precedents, there was a need to take the project even further to ensure sleepless nights for anyone following this drop. Call it self-indulgence, but for all at Crooked Tongues, this was designed with them in mind, under the faintly arrogant notion that they’re on the same wavelength as the discerning heads, disillusioned by weak drops that cause a momentary palpitation, but ultimately lead down the slippery slope to buyers remorse. Generic packaging has led to a wall of faceless browns, reds and blues and special packaging can cement classic status on the spot.

Operating under the team name of ‘Confederation Of Villainy’ the box art takes it back to a time when villains were occasionally charming, often brutal, but memorable in their wrongdoing. Reflecting the nationality of the crew member in charge of the makeup – the 575 is represented by the gentleman robber of the Old West, Black Bart, the 577 by Chinese bandit Black Sword, the 1500 by scourge of the seas Blackbeard and the 991 by the feared highwayman Black Tom. Custom box artwork by tattoo artist and graphic designer BJ Betts, as well as premium stock makes this the logical conclusion of a Crooked Tongues quest for some of the nicest sneaker packaging to date to cap this intelligent collaboration. Limited to 99 pairs of each model, the ‘Confederation Of Villainy’ rides into town in December 2006, only from the Crooked Tongues store.

In response to several queries, the shoes are available in the following US sizes (just remember that according to the labels, New Balance US sizes are half a size, rather than a whole size bigger than UK sizes. For example, a US 9 1/2 is a UK 9) – 8, 9, 10, 10 1/2, 11, 11 1/2 and 12.”








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NB x Crooked Tongues “Confederation of Villainy” – 991 Black Tom

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Happy late Thanksgiving!

Here’s the fourth and final Villainy shoe from Crooked Tongues in case you haven’t seen it already…


“For the fourth in our ‘Confederation Of Villainy’ collaboration with New Balance we decided to take a wander away from the beaten path, kindly trodden down for us by previous collaborators and play with a performance favourite – the 991. Far from obscure, this model was deemed state-of-the-art on its costly debut in 1999 and still gets plenty of high-mileage athletic outings. Whereas shoes from ’89 and earlier generally earn the Flimby-made cult following, the 991 is considered the staple New Balance shoe worldwide, with such luminaries as Apple’s Steve Jobs (prior to the dawn of the Nike+) and Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass seen in a pair.

All of which meant Crooked felt the need to play around with this sneaker as part of this pack. Using black and grey suede plus green leather for the bulk of the upper, there’s a blinding dash of flouro workwear fabric dropped in the mix as seasoning. New Balance kindly allowed us to incorporate a custom sole on this model – the ABZORB midsole, the outsole now blends in with the clours of its attached upper, while the outsole incorporates a neon green, lifting it from its usual stern appearance. The ‘UK’ panel on the heel now reads ‘991’, there’s a spot of contrast stitching to up the visual ante. Factor in the custom tongue label and white metal eyelet and we’re pretty certain that the risk of entering unknown territory was well worth it, making a hi-tech product look even more forward-thinking.

The BJ Betts illustrated box for this shoe pays homage to the mysterious highwayman, and one-time scourge of Bedfordshire, Black Tom with some beautifully executed packaging. And here’s the important details in brief – 99 pairs. CT store only. December.”

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